NYS-Types Of Pistol Licenses

Types Of Pistol Licenses
As Per Section 400.00 Subd. 2 Of The New York State Penal Law

(a) Premise Dwelling – Have and possess in his dwelling by a householder.
(b) Premise Business – Have and possess in his place of business by a merchant or storekeeper.
(c) Bank or Express Messenger – Have and carry concealed while so employed by a messenger employed by a banking institution or express company.
(d) Justice of The Supreme Court 1st or 2nd Judicial Dept. or Judge of NYC Civil or Criminal Court – Have and carry concealed by a justice of the supreme court in the first or second judicial departments, or by a judge of the New York City civil court or the New York City criminal court.
(e) Employee Of Corrections – Have and carry concealed while so employed by a regular employee of an institution of the state, or of any county, city, town or village, under control of a commissioner of correction of the city or any warden, superintendent or head keeper of any state prison, penitentiary, workhouse, county jail or other institution for the detention of persons convicted or accused of crime or held as witnesses in criminal cases, provided that application is made therefore by such commissioner, warden, superintendent or head keeper.

(f) Proper Cause – Have and carry concealed, without regard to employment or place of possession, by any person when proper cause exists for the issuance thereof. 

(g) Antique Pistols – Have, possess, collect and carry antique pistols which are defined in section 400.00
subd. 2(i)(ii)(1)(2).

Note: Only a Qualified Retired Law Enforcement Officer or Unrestricted License are full carry
licenses . All other Licenses issued have restrictions on When/Where a person can carry.


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