Conceal Carry Weapons III

Conceal Carry III is at this point the last in the laser pistol training series for us before Live-Fire training starts.

This is the third in the series and the most advanced Course.  In this course you will combine the skills you have learned in the previous 2 Courses to work at a higher level against more difficult scenarios.  You will have to combine your knowledge of Article 35 and your firearm skills as these scenarios will be more complex and decision making as well as your developing speed and accuracy skills will be tested.

Again in this course we will be going over previous material and then move into the more complex scenarios.  By this point we expect your actions in a “Critical Situation” to be aligned with what NYS expects in terms of “Justification for your Use of Force”.

Each Course will have multiple Course Instructors. This Course is approx. 4 hours long.  The cost of this Course is $160.00.

There are no Refunds