Process for attaining a NYS Pistol license

NYS Pistol safety New York State Pistol License Process;

  • Either go to the Sheriff’s Department or download from the Sheriff’s Department website the proper forms for your pistol license.
  • Review the application to see what you will need.
  • Call the Sheriff’s department for an interview date.  this is the date you will be allowed to hand in your paperwork/application.  Once you have this date you can make the appointment for your fingerprints at L1 Enrollment.
  • Look at the list of Instructors on the application and choose the class/time that suits you.  You should contact that person to make sure they have all of the courses you will need to reach your goal.
  • Find your references.  They must reside in Onondaga County and have known you at least 1 year.  No family and no one that lives with you.
  • Fill out the application and prepare for your appointment dates.
  • If you are planning on applying for an unrestricted license (which I recommend) and have been told you cannot get this license, you can.  It will take more doing then just a 4 hour course.
  • Once you have finished all the requirements hand in your forms at the Sheriff’s department and wait for the notification from the Sheriff’s department.

If anywhere along the way you need assistance please feel free to contact us at or 315-751-5559.

Good luck to all,

Shooters Haven Firearms Training