Defensive Handgun II

In 2015 we are going to be adding our Defensive Handgun II Course.  This course is the next progression in teaching you how to properly defend yourself and WHY.  

In CCW I we prepared you for learning how to choose proper firearms, clothing, tactical mindset, ammo types, some ballistics, etc….  In CCW II we taught you how to draw, increase speed, hit your target center mass at distances you can learn from and work with.  Hopefully you have taken these courses and are gaining these skills so you can move on in your development.  As we always say Practice, Practice, Practice….

Now in Defensive Handgun II we have graduated to entirely new skills, realistic skills.  In this course you will be working 5 different scenarios that take place in your daily lives.  Each of them is different and requires different skills.  You will have to react, access, choose an action and implement that action.  In a couple of these scenarios you will use multiple weapons.  You will have the chance to run through each several times and you will be accessed on several different actions (decisions making, speed, and accuracy).  While we all realize that we are not truley in “fear for our lives”, we do realize that time creates stress as well as others watching and the competition that naturally comes from such actions.  This will assist you in accessing how you will react in certain situations and alert you as to what you need to train.  You will also discuss why you made the decisions you did and how to modify your actions to further enhance your training and ability to defend yourself. 

*We do not offer refunds.  Any payments made can be used for Course Credits or Merchandise since payment is not required on any Course upfront except for the PA trip and any trip traveling out of town.  These are special interest Courses and take special planning (changing days, making resources available, etc…).