Conceal Carry Weapons I

This Course is not part of the NYS Pistol License Application process requirement.

This is the first Laser Pistol Training Course of the Conceal Carry Weapons series. We were the first to have these Laser Courses in the Central New York area. Others had laser pistols in their training however, we were the first to start using laser pistols to develop pistol skills and decision making.

I have restructured the Courses that we were offering as laws (the new 18hr. Course, bail reform, etc..) have changed how much information students are getting more training and are much more prepared for this type of training, Some of our students had laser pistol drills on a computer program if there was enough time in their Courses and this is a further expansion of those drills.

In CCW I, we will be going over how to draw from an open carry (holster is showing) and starting to develop timing, speed and coordination with your Laser Pistols. Many of the drills we will be teaching start the process of recognizing and identifying targets you can shoot in the next Course. Not onlu are these drills fun, they are eye opening as well.

Items you will be required to bring for the class;

Pants with a belt

The CCW I Course will be approx. 3-4 hours long. As we are just starting this back up again we need to see how they go with what we need to accomplish in this Course.

The cost of the Course is $125.00

There are no Refunds

Instructors: David Colburn, Hayes and Matthew Wanamaker