Conceal Carry Weapons II

This Course is the second in the series. This Course build on the first developing speed, timing, coordination and awareness. This Course brings your awareness and decision making to the forefront and you will start to learn what you can and cannot do in “Critical Situations” where your life is possibly at risk.

Decision making is paramount to justifying your actions in the aftermath of just such a “Critical Situation”. Any of you that have taken the Article 35 Use of Force Course know that thing are never as they appear and what we think we might do may put us at risk.

The drills that you learned in the first Course will now be put to use learning new skills along with the decision making during the Shoot/No Shoot scenarios. As in the first Course we will start out in “OPEN CARRY”. As you become more proficient we will add in some “Concealed Carry” to the Course. The Scenario’s will start to get more difficult and your decision making skills will be tested. We will be evaluating each scene for educational purposes.

This is a great way to practice all of your developing skills without spending money on ammunition and while developing you Safety skills.

The CCW II Course will be approx. 3 hours.

There are No Refunds.