Tidbit page

This is general information to us that most of you are not aware of.

  1. Unrestricted Licenses are issued everyday in NYS even though people are told they are not.
  2. ALWAYS apply for your Unrestricted License.  The cost, background checks, etc… are all the same so take the time to invest in your personal safety!
  3. Your NYS Pistol License is good in approx. 22 states as an unrestricted pistol license.
  4. Your Multi-State Pistol License is good in approx. 38 states all of which are unrestricted licenses.
  5. When you travel in cars as long as you are in a state where you have reciprocity you do not have to take the firearm off.  Only when you are in a state in which your licenses are not valid do you have to put the firearm into a locked box with the ammo separate.
  6. When you travel by plane you have to declare that you are traveling with a firearm locked in your suitcase.  The Counter person will call the TSA and they will go through their processes and take your bad for the plane.
  7. You may carry up to 11 pounds of ammo in original boxes when you travel.
  8. You may purchase firearms in any state however handguns must be shipped from a FFL to a FFL and then registered before you can pick them up.  Rifles and Shotguns you can take with you in most cases from the store.
  9. There are approx. 39 states that allow suppressors/silencers.
  10. There are approx. 39 states that allow fully automatic firearm ownership.
  11. Many states have both open and concealed carry, many both.
  12. In most states noncompliance is punishable by at least 5 years jail or probation for carrying state to state..
  13. When traveling through these states you cannot stray off the main highway.  Stopping for dinner or a hotel is unlawful and punishable.
  14. The general rule is that you must have a license in the state you start and the state you end up in. 
  15. In NYS gun free signs do NOT carry the weight of law in NYS.  While you would not be committing a crime, these location may ask you to leave and you should do so.  You could be charged with a trespass charge if you do not.