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Gun Shop Hours – Please call for an Appointment

*We have added a new phone number (315) 780-0100, for scheduling calls only.  Our regular number, (315) 751-5559, is for questions.

Shooters Haven offers both the new 16 +2 hours of in-person live classroom instruction for conceal carry and the 4 hour training for you premise license. 

Shooters Haven Instructors are Duly Authorized Instructors as defined in NY Penal Law and our curriculum exceeds the minimum standards for New York State Concealed Carry Firearm Safety Training as defined by NY Penal Law 400.00(19), the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) and the Division of State Police (DSP).

 *Payment will only be accepted by Cash or Card, no personal checks.*


Welcome to Shooters Haven!

We are Firearms Instructors with more than 50 years experience as well as a licensed FFL (Federal Firearms Licensed Firearms Dealer).  We do special orders however there are no refunds under any circumstances so please know what you are ordering and make sure your receipts is for the correct piece. 


Because we are a Training Facility as well, we cater to our students which are mostly conceal carry license holders.  This is a bonus for them because we not only have the “Carry” experience, we sell the firearms that are best suited for CCW.   We do not carry Hunting or Reloading supplies.

We are educators first and feel it is our responsibility to properly train our students in Firearm Safety and proper usage of their firearms.  We do not cut corners.

Each of our Instructors has different skill sets and experience.  Together we bring each of these perspectives to our teaching (please see more than one way to skin a cat).  Please take a look at our Staff Page for more information.

Concealed Carry licenses are one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family.  With the Supreme Court decision on 06/23/2022 you may just request an unrestricted license.  “Just cause” is no longer necessary.

IMG_1190 (2)With backgrounds in Un-Armed and Armed Security, Professional and Personal Bodyguard work/Concert Security, Competition Shooting, and Martial Arts we are uniquely informed, available and passionate about what we do!  Please look at our Staffing page. Things are changing out there very quickly and the time for you to acquire your pistol licenses and firearms training is now!  We are always adding new courses so please keep a sharp eye on our schedule…

We recently reformatted our virtual training (laser pistols) course with Laser pistols to simulate live fire.  The new format includes much more “hands on” with the basics.

While accuracy is very important it is only one factor that saves your lives.  Picture this, one guy is extremely accurate and another is very fast.  Each has their skills however in a contest between them who do you think would win when it comes to a close quarters contest?  Since in a practical/critical situation most of these situations takes place inside of  7 yards (and almost always a lot closer) speed would be the factor that wins the day.  In the time the accurate guy draws and aims the faster shooter has hit him several times.  This is the premise for the laser course, defining the draw and developing speed.

Virtual training for civilians has never been seen or taught here in Central New York.  These courses build your confidence with respect to carrying and handling of your firearms as well as decision making in critical situations.  These courses help you build confidence when carrying your live firearms as well as point you back to Shooters Haven for our live-fire courses.

We also have several live-fire classes.  These build on skills developed in the lecture and laser courses to further develop hand/eye coordination and decision making.  We presently have Handgun as well as Shotgun Courses available.

Private lessons for those of you looking for one on one training.  Those looking to learn proper technique and develop a sound platform in self-awareness and your ability to defend yourself in a more personal private setting will gain quickly.

We have a vested interest in you attaining your unrestricted pistol license and furthering your shooting experiences.  Remember that of the 20 or so local instructors only 2 or 3 offer courses beyond the basic course so once you have completed their basic courses you have no where to go for more training with them.


We are approved to teach the New York State Pistol Safety Course for Onondaga, Oswego, Jefferson, Lewis, Tompkins, Chenango, Cortland, and Madison Counties.  Contact us for your NYS pistol safety course.

Courses we offer;

  • NRA Shotgun Course
  • NRA/Sirt Virtual Training Pistol Course
  • NRA Defensive Pistol I, II and III Qualification Courses
  • Multi-State Courses- Florida presently.
  • Conceal Carry Weapons I, II and III Courses
  • Article 35 “Use of Force” 
  • Private lessons in Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun
  • Tactical Pistol and Shotgun Courses- Day Course
  • Beyond the Range I, II and III Laser Pistol Training Courses.

Most of these courses are presently active, if you do not see a course scheduled please ask!

Thank you and stay safe!

You will find our latest announcements to keep you up to date on what’s new and available.  You can request to register for any course through our online form, and of course, don’t hesitate to contact on our training team should you have any questions at either 315-751-5559 or                                                                  dcolburn@shootershaven.com. 

We do not offer refunds on any of our services or products.  Please be sure you have ordered the correct item and that you can legally own them.