Glock G42 Stripped / New Internals

Glock G42 Stripped / New Internals

by  on 2014/01/24

Now that I have vented and had time to cool down about the disappointing aspects of the G42, let’s look at some of the new things going on inside it. The new G42 has several unique, redesigned, internal components, that are very different from all other Glock’s. Right off the bat, you can see it is a 2 pin design, like the old Gen2 Glock’s, with a Gen4 magazine release and stippling.  I have completely stripped this G42 to give you an idea of what the new internal parts are and how they fit in the G42. When completely stripping the G42, you will notice some of the parts will fit together differently as well.  While I will not go into a complete tutorial on how to strip your Glock down, it is not extremely difficult and you can learn how to properly do it with some quality research.

When stripping the G42 completely down, pay close attention to the parts that are significantly different in their design and placement in the G42, compared to other Glock Models . Below are several pictures of a completely stripped G42 and the new internal parts.

Glock G42 complete takedown/stripped

Slide Lock:

You will need to take the Locking Block out first to remove the Slide Lock, after removing the frame/trigger pin.

Slide Stop Lever in Frame

Slide Stop Lever

Firing Pin Safety:

The Firing Pin Safety is completely different and can only go in one way. The notch on the left side of this picture faces the Firing Pin.

Firing Pin Safety

Trigger Mechanism Housing, Bar & Spring:

The new Trigger Spring and Trigger Bar will fit together very differently with the Trigger Mechanism Housing. The Trigger Spring has a metal hook that the “T” of the Trigger Bar will need to fit under for reassembly.

Trigger bar / Spring / Mechanism Housing


The Connector, although it looks to be identical is much shorter as the Trigger Mechanism Housing is smaller. The standard Glock Connectors will not be compatible.  This answers the questions of those wanting to put a (-) 4 lbs. OEM Connector in the G42. As the Trigger Spring is a redesign, the standard Glock spring options ( NY1) are also not an option.

Trigger Spring/ Connector/ Mechanism Housing

The Trigger Spring is more difficult to remove from the housing then the standard Glock Trigger Spring. The housing has a bar and notch system for removing and replacing the Trigger Spring.  While removing it was easy, replacing it was a little hard.

Trigger spring / Mechanism Housing

Extractor Depressor Plunger:

The Extractor Depressor Plunger is basically the same, but instead of a large flat head, it tapers down to a firing pin look.

Extractor Depressor Plunger

Final Note:

If you are not a Glock Armorer, Gunsmith or you are very unfamiliar with stripping your Glock down, I would not recommend any disassembly past regular field strip maintenance. Most people will have no need to break the firearm down to this level. 90% of the G42 parts look just like the Glock parts you will be familiar with. When I was stripping the G42, I did not expect some of the parts to fit together so differently. I realized I did not pay as much attention as I should have and it took me a few minutes to get it back together.



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