Changes to Multi-State Pistol Licenses

Be Aware of the Following Aberrations in How States
Honor Other States Permit/Licenses!

Idaho has added an “Enhanced Permit’ to the permits they issue. The Enhanced takes more training and 

they are hoping more states will honor it. Check the Idaho page for what states honor the ID Enhanced.

Pennsylvania Only Honors Resident Permits from the states of Arizona, Florida, Maine, Mississippi and
Virginia. They will not honor a Non Resident AZ, FL, ME, MS or VA Permit/License to Carry.
Pennsylvania is amending their agreements to not honor any states Non Resident Permit/License.

Nebraska Will only honor the Iowa Non-Professional Permit. Not their Professional Permit.

New Mexico will only honor permit/licenses from the states they honor if the person is a US Citizen. They
will not honor any permit/license issued to a Legal Resident Alien.

Starting 11/1/12 Residents of Alaska, Arizona, Vermont & Wyoming can carry in
Oklahoma under their states Permitless Carry Law and do not need a permit/license from
Their home state. They must carry their state issued ID and be 21 Years of age.

Colorado, Florida, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire & South Carolina
Only honor Permit/Licenses from “Residents” of the states they honor.
They will not honor any Non-Resident Permit/Licenses from any state.

Wisconsin will only honor the VA Non Resident permit and “Not” their Resident Permit.

Ohio will not honor the Arizona Non-Resident Permit/License. They will
Honor all other Non-Resident Permit/Licenses from the states they honor.

Texas will only honor the Rhode Island Permit/License issued by the Rhode Island Attorney
General’s Office. Local issued Rhode Island Permit/Licenses are not honored by Texas.

Alaska, Arizona and Vermont have what is called Permitless Carry. Anyone who
can legally possess a firearm can carry them Concealed without any type of permit/license.
You must be 21 Y/O and carry your ID.

North Dakota – ND Issues two classes of Licenses. If you hold a Class 2 License from ND check carefully
the states you wish to visit as there are a number of states that honor the North Dakota Class 1 License
but not their Class 2 License.

West Virginia/Wisconsin – WI will only honor the WV permit issued after 6/8/12. WV changed their law
on how they run background checks. WV does not honor WI at this time.

Wyoming’s Permitless Carry Law only applies to Residents of Wyoming.

Wisconsin/Alaska – WI will only honor the AK permit issued after 1/14/13. AK changed their law on how
they run background checks. AK Honors all other states permit/licenses.

Some states that honor other states Permit/Licenses will not honor that states Permit/license unless the
holder of the Permit/license is 21 years of age.

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