Conceal Carry Weapons II

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  • Conceal Carry Weapons II
    April 11, 2020
    9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Conceal Carry Weapons II

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The CCW II Course is a transitional course bridging the change in instruction from lecture to Live-Fire.  This course develops the draw, speed, hand/eye coordination, timing, point shooting as well as proper grip.

Please wear pants that have a belt and bring a large button down shirt

The body/mind is very powerful and developing a “trained response” to a threat when your “flight or fight” responses are kicking in is paramount to your ability to defend yourself.  Without training you will likely freeze, panic, respond incorrectly, run, etc…

This Course addresses the fundamentals necessary in all shooting sports and self-defense scenarios.   You will learn how and where to carry your holster/firearm as well as the proper technique in drawing from your holster.  In many cases if you have to think about “drawing” in a deadly force situation you are already too late.  This must become reflex and your decision process should be “Am I Justified”, not “Can I Draw”. 

The advantage of this course is that the basic structure is an NRA Course.  We develop the course of fire.  The NRA Course Certificate and will look great on your “Just Cause” portfolios when you submit for your Unrestricted Licenses and the course will set you on the path to proper form and decision making without having the added stress of a live-fire environment while you are learning.  We will be using “Laser” Training pistols to teach/train students in the proper techniques so that the learning curve is much less from a non- live fire to a live fire course.

We are working in conjunction with Beyond the range  to further the training, skills and decision making needed to survive a critical situation.

The equipment aides with;

  • Proper Grip
  • Proper Stance
  • Sight Alignment and Sight Picture
  • Point of Aim and Point of Impact
  • Breathing and Trigger Control
  • Learning Sighted Shooting and Point Shooting
  • “The Draw”

All without the initial stress of live fire and recoil.

Everyone of these fundamentals is the difference between a miss and a hit during a stressful occurrence.  In this non-shooting course we teach you the fundamentals and work with you to enhance your firearms control, speed and confidence.  

At the end of this course you should be able to accurately diagnose your own shooting problems and how to fix them, proper shooting techniques when drawing from open/concealed carry and shooting stationary.  This course is the basic preparation for learning to move while shooting which will take place in our next level courses.  While this may seem to long way around remember you had to crawl before you could walk and then run.  Developing bad habits by moving faster than you are capable of may cost you your life.

This course will be approx. 4 hours.  The cost will be $125.00.

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