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Your Honor,

As I am sure you are only too aware, across nation there has been an increase in firearm sales.  At Dicks Sporting Goods, where I presently work it is my responsibility to sell firearms and accessories to the general public.  In our store the policy dictates that a sales associate has the right and responsibility to deny any firearm sale that he or she does not feel comfortable with or may have a concern that a firearm sale could potentially be a straw purchase.  If the applicant can give proof that the firearm is indeed for them, they can carry onto ATF Form 4473.

I have been selling firearms at ——– Sporting Goods, for the past two years.  Within that timeframe I have sold approximately 250 firearms.  My sales would have been higher however certain individuals may have been denied, delayed or acted in vain.  For those that have acted in vain, they chose to blame me if their 4473 resulting a delay or denial.  Many have left the store cussing, angry and a visible hatred towards me as the person that denied them even though I had no opinion in the matter.  Some of the people denied will try and send in a family member or friend to try and straw purchase the firearm for them right after they leave.  When I deny them as well, this adds fuel to the fire which you can well imagine I’m sure. 

My need for an unrestricted concealed carry license is above the need of the general community because I continuously see these individuals in public.  This group of people that may threaten me or want to do me harm has the potential to grow each day.  Many individuals in a similar profession, including some of my co-workers have been granted their unrestricted concealed carry license.

I am originally from Ogdensburg in St. Lawrence County, where I spent the first 18 years of my life.  When I was growing up my father taught me the many responsibilities that firearm owners have.  My father and most of my family have their unrestricted concealed carry license.  Growing up, my father and I went shooting countless times.  Each and every time resulted in me becoming more and more familiar with firearms.  I moved to Onondaga County in 2010 after graduating high school.  I took a liking to the area and have decided to stay after graduating.  In the future in Onondaga County, I will purchase my first house as well as raise a family.

I graduated in 2012 with an Associate’s Degree in applied science from Onondaga Community College in Homeland Security and Disaster Preparedness.  In December of 2014, I will receive my Bachelor’s Degree in Technology from SUNY Canton in Emergency Management.  Also attached with this letter are my numerous certifications that I have received from the Federal Emergency Management Agency that attests to my good moral character.  Given my background and the fact that I would have an unrestricted concealed carry license, I will have a greater chance in career advancement than others with similar degrees and experience. 

If I do receive my unrestricted concealed carry license, I understand to the highest degree the additional responsibility that will be placed upon my shoulders.  I am currently an informed firearm owner and when I have my unrestricted concealed carry license I will continue to be informed and understand my additional liabilities.  Even when I receive my requested license, I will continue to take additional training through NRA certified instructor David Colburn and Shooters Haven.