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Your honor,


  My name is ———–    . I have resided in Onondaga County since I was born in May of 1976.  The reason for my letter is to discuss my application for an Unrestricted Pistol License in New York State and specifically Onondaga County.

 I have always been and continue to be a responsible law abiding citizen of Onondaga County having graduated———- High School in 1996.  I have two years of auto mechanics training from BOCES in the Lakeland, NY area.  I have been in the automotive industry since I was sixteen years old.  I am very passionate about my work as I am about firearms.  I have been active since shooting as a child with my Father and Grandfather. 

I have been married to my wonderful wife since November of 2000 and I have three beautiful children.  Their ages are ten, fourteen and seventeen.  I have raised them in Onondaga County and I have purchased my first home here in 2006.  I am a strong community supporter and a God fearing man. Furthermore, I am an avid outdoorsman, camper, fisherman who enjoys the outdoors and nature here in NYS.  I have owned firearms, long guns, and practicing at local ranges since age 15.  I’m a current active member at the North Sportsman’s Club (1708 County Rte.37 North in West Monroe, NY 13167).   I believe if you are going to be a responsible firearms owner that you must practice to develop good safety habits and the skills with which to be competent.  To that end when my firearms are not with me at the range, they are locked in my safe at home.

My Father is an ex-Marine and his brother, my uncle ex-Army.  They both have spent many years educating me as to safety and respect for all firearms and life.  I have shown and continue to educate my wife and all my children how to properly use, maintain, respect and be responsible with firearms.  My mother was born and raised in Onondaga County and worked and retired from Syracuse Community Health Center.  I have volunteered in my community and coach for Pop-Warner Panthers football here in Clay.  I currently volunteer my time for the Liverpool Little League Baseball program and have done so since 2008.

 I have worked since I was thirteen years old and have a great work ethic.  I have given of my time to my community and am a tax-payer here in Clay active in my community. I have worked in downtown Syracuse since May of 2000 on “Dealer Row”.  I’m currently working for Lamacchia Honda in Syracuse.  I travel to work at 6:00am and leave at 5:30pm, Monday thru Friday and every other Saturday.

I do have a concern in the area I work with the steady increase in crime in my area.  We have had cars stolen, drugs, robberies, and vandalism taking place for some time.  My place of business is on the corner of West Genesee St and North Geddes Streets and I feel it is no longer safe to be in and specifically in the fall and winter months.  I find myself going to work in the dark and leaving in the dark.  I always seem to be on high alert when leaving my car to go into work and from work to my car.  Also in the last few months crime where I currently live in Liverpool has increased.  We have had vandalism, stabbings and shootings. My family has been scared and in fear for their lives with local crimes that have been increasing and committed right in a back yard very close to us.  We had a stabbing up the street right across our kids school where a man kicked the door down and stabbed several woman (which I am sure you saw on the news recently), in their own home with children present. The other shooting happened in Syracuse and spilled into our very own neighborhood.  The troopers and sheriff’s blocked our street and SWAT was called in.  We can hear Law-Enforcement Officers talking to the shooter inside the house.  Several calls were sent out to stay away from windows and go to basements if you were able.

Since these events I am not attending courses and educating myself as we are ultimately responsible for our own safety.  While I realize that taking the law into my own hands is not an option providing a safe home and life for my family is.  We are all too aware of the time it takes police officers to arrive when trouble calls.  I’m not trying to be judge and jury just trying to make sure I have a better chance of making it home to the people who need and count on me to provide for them.  As you read in the newspaper every day the crime rate is getting worse and criminals have no respect for even sworn law enforcement.

I have heard “self-defense” used as justification for concealed carry is not allowed, however I am not entirely at ease with that characterization.  I believe you and I, as men, are not programmed to defend only ourselves – our most noble instinctive trait is that we are programmed to defend others, to protect, and to serve the greater good first and our own safety second. As such, it is only natural and proper for us, and in fact required of us, to seek the tools that enhance our ability to uphold this innate duty.  Indeed, as George F. Will wrote after the 9-11 attacks, “Public safety is the public’s business. Public authorities take the lead, and some work at it full-time. However, at all times, and especially times like these, it is every citizen’s business.”

In order to excel at these duties I have taken on a great sense of personal responsibility and have dedicated much time in training and understand the benefits of my 2nd Amendment Right and building my portfolio.  I have taken and continue to attend many courses from Shooters Haven Firearms Training Team.  I feel I have attended much more than the “normal minimum” course requirements to submit in Onondaga County.  I have taken the NRA Home Firearm Safety Course,4 Hour New York State and Onondaga County Pistol Safety Course, a 4 Hour New York State Article 35 “ Use of force” Course, the NRA basic Pistol Course, an 8 Hour New York State and Onondaga County Pistol Safety Course, an 8 Hour Florida State Conceal Carry Weapons Pistol Safety Course and the 8 Hour Arizona State Conceal Carry Weapons Pistol Safety Course.  I’m also enrolled in the Conceal Carry Weapons and Tactics Course (CCW I) on March 15th with Shooters Haven allowing for much more education towards my unrestricted NYS Pistol License.  I also have submitted my portfolio to the states of Florida and Arizona for my non-resident concealed weapons/firearms licenses.  These are both full conceal carry and allow me to carry in 37 states presently.  I am also applying for my Pennsylvania conceal carry license here in a few months. 

My appointment for the Onondaga Sherriff’s office is March 11th, so by the time you read this, the additional class course will be completed and added to my “Just Cause” portfolio also as more training for me and my family receives the benefit of my training also.  I’m also now a NRA member and Recruiter that attends range functions, local businesses, gun shows and public events where I do carry money and customers personal information for their memberships to be submitted to the National Rifle Association of America.

I fully understand circumstances will dictate that I not carry concealed such as in those areas prohibited by State or Federal law and fully understand it is my obligation to be aware and follow the laws.  I also understand fully the immense responsibility as well as the possible ramifications of carrying a firearm concealed on my person for lawful purposes. In NYS which is primarily where I practice and train.  Because of my training and competency and my firm belief that I am of good moral and ethical character, I would like to respectfully request I be considered for unrestricted carry for all lawful purposes in Onondaga County and NYS.  

Thank you for your consideration,

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