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Dear Judge xxxx

My name is John Xxxxx. I have resided in Xxxxxxx County since xxxx.
I write in regards to my New York State Pistol License #xxxxxxx issued by Xxxxxxxx County in xxxx.
1. Tell him who you are
2. What is your experience/training
3. Do you have prior experience carrying – (do you carry ‘legally’ in other states etc.)
4. Do you understand the law
5. Will you obey the law
6. Do you understand the (tremendous) responsibility
7. What are some of the reasons you want to carry – (List some activities)
8. How do/will you protect your firearm from theft out of your vehicle – (There may be times you have to leave it in the vehicle, even if you think not, answer this question) 
….One answer is something like this: In Car Gun Safe
9. How do you protect your firearm from theft out of your home.
I respectfully request that my Pistol Permit be amended to remove the (Sportsman etc.) restriction.
Thank you for considering this request.

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