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Your Honor,

I write in regards to my New York State Pistol License #0000 issued by Rockland County in June of 2003.  I have and continue to be a responsible and law abiding citizen of Rockland County. Furthermore I am an avid outdoorsman as well as a volunteer in my community having served as an officer and volunteer firefighter for the last 8 years as well as performing two terms as President of My Fire Company. Because of my decision to help others I have incurred a growing number of responsibilities toward my peers as well as to the public in the communities in which I serve. In order to excel at these duties I have taken on a great sense of personal responsibility and have dedicated much time to training and understand the benefits of such. Being that I am a proud volunteer in this community I often find myself being called away from my daily activities on a very inconsistent basis. In such circumstances I have in the past been faced with the arduous decision of not responding due to the fact that I had a firearm with me and carrying a concealed firearm in these instances would be a violation of my current pistol license restrictions. This as you can imagine is not an ideal situation and could in certain instances be circumvented by allowing for the carry of a concealed firearm.

I fully understand that some circumstances will dictate that I not carry concealed such as in those areas prohibited by State or Federal law and have consequently purchased a lockable storage device specifically designed for handguns that will allow me to leave my firearm in my vehicle in a safe manner should the need arise. Likewise I understand that carrying a weapon of any kind is a tremendous responsibility and is not a decision that should be taken lightly. I have since acquiring my pistol license taken it upon myself to become proficient with the safe usage of firearms utilizing training at local ranges as well as those in Orange and Sullivan counties. Conversely I understand fully the immense responsibility as well as the possible ramifications of carrying a firearm concealed on my person for lawful purposes. In Orange and Sullivan counties which is primarily where I practice and train, the issuance of non-restricted permits is commonplace for those that apply thus allowing law abiding citizens the option to carry a firearm concealed on their person while performing everyday activities.

Because of my training and competency and my firm belief that I am of good moral and ethical character, I would like to respectfully request that at this time my Pistol License be amended to remove the (Sportsman/ Residence) restriction(s) thus allowing for unrestricted carry for all lawful purposes in Rockland County as well as other counties where it is also acceptable by law to do so.

Please be assured that it is not my intent to carry or possess a firearm on a regular or daily basis and am requesting the permit be unrestricted to avoid any incidental or unintentional violations of restrictions while engaged in the activities listed above.

Thank you for considering this request. 



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