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November 5, 2014

Dear Judge,

            Your Honor, my name is  and I have been a resident of Onondaga County for 30 of my 56 years. I have submitted my application today to request an Un-restricted Conceal Carry Pistol License the same as my husband has.  My daughter will also be submitting hers soon. I have been involved with the safe handling of firearms since the age of eighteen. Under the supervision and tutelage of my father, who was an officer in the United States Air Force. I was instructed on the safe handling and use of firearms, which included a .22 caliber rifle and a 20 gauge shotgun.

I met my husband in 1984, by that time he had a long history of safe firearms handling, both hunting and target shooting. While we were dating and continuing through our marriage, we have enjoyed and continue to enjoy the sport of target and trap shooting. My husband currently has an unrestricted conceal/carry handgun license for New York State as well as his Florida and Arizona and Pennsylvania carry licenses.

He is also attending the class for his Utah license this month. He insists on safety first when handling any firearm, from a pellet gun to a shotgun, as well as safe storage of firearms and ammunition. Therefore, I have grown to respect and take the ownership and handling of firearms very seriously. I have also completed the required four hour handgun safety course taught by a certified instructor as have my son who is 15 and my daughter who is 22 years of age.  My daughter will be applying for her Mass. permit as she will be attending School next year in Mass.  Our family has attended the courses through Shooters Haven and David Colburn.  David is a family friend and my husband calls David whenever he has a question. We, our family also intend to continue with classes.

For the past 10 years I have been employed as a teacher.  I am aware and will respect that it is illegal to carry on school grounds. During my free time, I enjoy walking our family dog that is of smaller stature, as well as general hiking. Most of the time I am alone at home with my children as my husband’s work requires travels quite a bit.

If I had to leave the firearm in my vehicle, I would keep my handgun locked safely in a lockbox, unloaded and out of sight with the ammunition stored separately. While carrying, I would go to great lengths to ensure the hand gun was completely concealed as not to draw attention. At home, while not carrying, my firearm is kept in a gun safe with a trigger lock.

Your Honor, I want you to know that I understand the law and will obey it to the fullest extent. I am fully aware that carrying a firearm is a tremendous responsibility and the use thereof is only as a last resort.

Please see the attached certificate.

Again, I respectfully request that I be granted an unrestricted conceal/carry license.

Thank you for considering this request.