Pistol License Facts

Little known facts about your NYS Pistol License;

  • Your Pistol License is a lifetime license. If suspended or revoked you will have a legal battle on your hands.
  • You must re-certify your Pistol License with the Trooper every 5 years.
  • All licenses in NYS are Concealed Carry, the difference is the restrictions placed by NY Courts.
  • Your Pistol License is good in 27 states.  
  • When outside NY your Pistol license has no restrictions in states that accept your license.
  • When adding a Multi-State Course to your NY license you will be able to Carry in approx. 38 states.
  • Gun free signs carry no weight in law in NYS.  
  • Store policy does not supersede state law.  You may carry even if a store does not want you to however if they ask you to leave you must.
  • There are several applications for your phones that give you some of this information. The “CCW” app. is the best we have found.