BUG Gun Course (Back up gun)

There has been a lot of interest this year (2020) in shooting courses, any shooting courses, as well as private lessons. With all of the new shooters coming into the “sport” and to conceal carry itself we have decided to create or should I say implement a back-up gun course.

Everyone that carries a firearm knows that the capacity is always going to be an issue because we live in New York. Rather than cry about it we have a workaround for those cases where your primary firearm either malfunctions or runs out of ammunition. Generally most people only carry the magazine that comes with the firearm. However with the “hit percentages” of ALL shooters, it is always best to carry at least one to two additional magazines and/or a second firearm. That is where this course comes in. In this course you will learn:

Use of your Primary firearm. Reloading of your primary firearm from a magazine pouch. Once your firearm is empty or disabled how to swap magazines and get back into battery.

If your firearm is disabled how to transition to a backup firearm safely.

We will go over theory about what constitutes a primary firearm and defines a backup gun. Calibers, similar firearm mechanics types.

Disclaimer: This is a live fire course, safety will be addressed and required at all times. Those not following or complying with your Instructors direction will be asked to leave never to return. We are teaching you how to protect and defend yourselves treat this seriously, we do.

The cost for this course is $200.00 and the duration is 4 hours.