Beyond the Range II

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Beyond The Range 2

Cost: $125

Course length: 3-4 hrs

Pre-Requisites: Must have taken CCW II or must have 2 hrs of Open RangeView Upcoming Classes

Take your skills to a new level with Beyond The Range 2. Get comfortable with techniques without the concern of injury to yourself or others.

This course covers: 

>Firearm safety

>Basic shooting skills, stances, breathing, etc.

>Drawing your weapon & dressing for success

>Article 35: Review “Use of Force”

>Protecting your weapon and creating distance

>Shooting with non dominant hand

>Magazine reloads

>Transitioning from hand to hand

>Shooting around objects ​

Requirements for course:

>18 and over

>Sneakers and pants/shorts with a belt. Please bring dry sneakers for training if wet outside.