NRA Basic Pistol Course

nra basic pistolNRA Basic Pistol Course

We are now also doing the  Part 2 (shooting) for the Blended learning.  The cost for Part 2 is $100.00.  Please call and make an appointment.  Generally this applies to Cortland County residents for their 8-10 hour course however anyone interested in their NRA Basic Pistol course can contact us.

We generally have three NRA Certified Instructors teaching this course.  Each of the instructors has a different perspective and experience to bring to the course.  Although this is the NRA Course we also add our own experiences and open discussion to each class making it much more successful and informational for all.

The Course itself contains information about: 

  • Safety & Responsible Firearm Ownership. 
  • Pistol/Revolver Mechanisms and Operation. 
  • Ammunition Fundamentals.
  • We touch on ballistics as well 
  • Developing Pistol Shooting Skills 
    • Firearms Fundamentals, Shooting Positions,  and Common Malfunctions. 
    • Two Handed vs one Handed Shooting 
  • Pistol Maintenance

Upon successful completion, attendees will receive an official NRA Basic Pistol Certificate. 

Course Duration: 8-10 Hours per NRA standard

Location: Classroom and Range time will be announced

Equipment Requirements:

  • Current New York State Pistol License
  • Properly functioning Pistol or Revolver.  We will check these for proper function.
  • Pistol Case/Safe
  • 2 Pistol Magazines or speed loaders
  • 100 Rounds of Factory Ammunition, no reloads will be acceptable/allowed.
  • Eye and Ear protection. 
  • 5 Rounds of dummy ammunition suitable for your firearm. 
  • Pen and a notebook.
  • Snacks, drinks, food, sunscreen, hats etc. are highly recommended.


  • If you are between the age of 14 and 20 years old you need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian that has a valid NY state pistol permit.

Additional Pertinent Information:

  • Please keep your firearms and Ammunition in your vehicle until you are directed to retrieve them. For your safety and the safety of everyone, NO LIVE AMMUNITION will be allowed in the classroom at any time.
  • If you carry a firearm for personal protection, you must leave that in your vehicle during the class.  While we understand your 2nd Amendment rights and respect them this is a training class and we do not want any accidents.
  • Please plan appropriately for the weather. We will be outdoors for several hours. 

*We do not offer refunds.  Any payments made can be used for Course Credits or Merchandise since payment is not required on any Course upfront except for the PA trip and any trip traveling out of town.  These are special interest Courses and take special planning (changing days, making resources available, etc…).