Multi-State Conceal Carry Weapons Courses

 Many of our customers have been asking about how to receive licenses from more states.    Your NYS Pistol License is good in 27-29 states currently.  You can apply and receive several more states licenses getting close to being legal in 44 states.

Federal transportation laws allow you to travel with your firearms unloaded in a locked safe of some sort with the ammo separate and generally in your trunk.  Multi-State Licenses allow you to travel “Carrying on your person” in states other than your state of residence which is much more significant. 

Your 4 hour Course includes;

  • Your safety course for Arizona, Florida, Utah as well as information about the laws.
  • Fingerprinting for all except Florida
  • Assistance with the applications.

The reason for all these licenses is;

  • Other States Certificates look good on your NYS “Just Cause” Portfolio.
  • There are resident and non-resident limitations.
  • Multiple licenses allow you to travel without having to lock your firearms in your trunk unloaded.

Each state has separate application fees and each state’s license in less than 90 days from the time of application.  All of our Instructors have many years of training and practical experience and travel in other states with their firearms.

With completion of this course you will receive the following items;

  • Pistol Safety Certificates for each state.
  • Completed fingerprint cards for each state with 1 for Florida (Florida must be done by Law-Enforcement). 
  • A compact disk with the “Use of Force Laws” for NYS, Fla., AZ. and Utah.
  • A schedule sheet laying out the full process of your needs prior to mailing each application.

The cost for this course $175.00 for the Florida, Arizona and Utah courses and the duration is 4 hours.