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    Loads for different calibers and some of the things that trip you up.



    Currently I am working on a load for 10mm. Here are the specs.

    Starline Brass
    CCI 300 Large Pistol Primers
    180 grain Hornady XTP Bullets
    13.5 Grains of Accurate Alliance #9 Powder
    This is good for 1,243 fps

    This is supposed to be a very accurate load and the XTP bullets are great for Self-Defense.


    James Parker

    If anybody wants to know if reloading is worth the savings, I ran off 250 rounds of 45 long colt tonight. At about 24 cents a round or $62 in powder, primers and plated bullets.That same 250 bullets would cost around $30 a box of 25 or $300 plus tax, if I could find them. I also ran off 200 .357mag at 11 cents a round with home cast bullets. And no these aren’t 38 special loads in a 357 case, they should travel about 1200 fps.
    Last week I ran off 60 rounds of 32/40 win for my great-grandfathers rifle. I had the brass, so for $23 in bullets and 4.50 in primers both sold per 100 and about 1/4 lb of powder or about $8.00 worth, I made the 60 rounds. Retail cost if you can find it starts at $65 per 20. yea its worth it

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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