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    Here we are discussing which firearms and why.


    Jeff Parker

    I got this problem. Every time I pull the trigger on my Glock, it goes BANG!! It does it like 10 times in a row!



    That’s not really a problem. It’s a character trait of the Glock….



    I recently purchased a Glock 42. This is a brand new Firearm to Glock and they have made some very good changes.
    First the trigger is different and while it is stiff (6-8 pounds) there is very little “take up” with the release being firm.

    I like the size of the firearm and while I would prefer it be a 9mm, it is just a backup for me and not a gun/caliber I would use for primary carry EDC.

    I will be going to the range to shoot this firearm and then I will leave feedback on that aspect of the Glock 42 but for now it appears to be a very nice offering from Glock!


    Kenneth Cooper

    I will be anxious to know how the new Glock fires. Reviews I’ve read say it has very little recoil. I found the most 380s are easy for my big hands to control anyway. Seems like there’s a lot of really small 380s that may be more easily concealed since I agree this would be a back up deep cover gun and not a primary for me. Although people who have a hard time shooting and concealing a larger one may find this to be a perfect choice for primary. Keep us updated.



    Here is what I found from the days shooting with the Glock 42;

    • The .380 magazine is a little difficult to load for me.  The ammo itself is small and while it goes into the magazine fairly easily there will be not fast magazine reloads.
    • The stock trigger is stiff and while I like lighter trigger pulls, this is a much “crisper” trigger than the previous stock Glocks.  There is not a lot of pre-travel over-travel and the release reminds me more of a 1911 then a Glock.  One thing I found was when I removed the slide and reset the trigger bar the “pull” without the slide on was very nice leading me to believe that something in the slid binds.  With that said this even as it is was very acceptable compared to ALL other .380’s I have fired.  I do not like double-action trigger pulls and especially on small guns.  There is soooo much time until the gun goes off and the small guns moves a lot during this time from the effort of a shooter pulling the trigger.
    • The Glock 42 was very accurate which I expected.
    • It has a good set of sights.
    • It DID NOT like frangible ammo at all.
    • I feel that the guns size is proper for either the .380 is it chambered in or the 9mm everyone wanted.  I would not be able to carry anything smaller than this.

    Overall after doing all the due diligence before purchase I strongly feel this was a good decision on my part!


    James Parker

    to anybody buying a .22 lr semi .With ammo  being hard to get , READ the book as to what it takes to cycle the pistol, before you put your money on the counter. Or go home and read reviews on that gun. Case in point , I bought a Sig-Sauer  mosquito with over 1000 rounds of federal champion .22s at Gander Mountain. Good thing I have a rifle that shoots that ammo , because the Sig will only function with hyper velocity .22 such as cci mini-mags or 40 grain bullets traveling  over 1250 fps. The pistol used to be supplied with a softer slide spring  as a spare , now it comes with a spare slide spring that is the same rate, stiff.

    pro s to this Sig it is double action ,has a decocking lever, is fairly accurate, light weight and reliable when you can find the mini-mags

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