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    Here we can discuss the laws and our experiences


    Damon Martineau

    question is this- how many actual pistol licences should a person have. yes i mean the actual physical licence itself. I am licensed as unrestricted and got thinking that if i were to lose my wallet somehow while out of town- while in possession of a pistol or two- i may have a problem. The cost of a duplicate at the sheriffs dept in Onondaga county is 8.00 which seems to be a cheap price to pay. At that price- I will stash one in each of our vehicles just for the peace of mind- just not sure how they view the request at the sheriffs dept when you ask for several at one time. Really don’t ever want to end up somewhere explaining myself when carrying because a wallet was taken out of a hotel room while taking the kids swimming in the pool- a bit paranoid i guess.



    Yes and this is a huge concern. You must have your pistol license with you to prove you have one. To not have it with you will be a problem.

    On your other topic, you need as many as is required to travel anywhere you go.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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