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    Crime is on the rise, how to prepare.



    Home Invasions are on the rise and the criminals are at an advantage. In NYS we now have the “Safe Act”. We are forced as law-abiding citizens to comply with laws that put leashes on our rights and specifically our right to defend ourselves. Locally, these criminals are breaking into homes with multiple assailants for the purpose of controlling the family while others take your possessions. Unless you have an action plan these criminals will be able to rob or possibly murder you and your families.



    How safe are you in your home? Do you have a safe plan for you and your children if an intruder comes into your home? Are you a caretaker and do you have a plan for that person or persons that you are caring for? It is very important to have a plan of action part one and two. Most people have a plan of action in case of a fire and more than one route of escape. The same should be true if you or your loved ones are surprised by an intruder. There is always a tree or well or neighbors house to meet at in the event of a fire. The same should be true in this case. Along with an emergency bag already prepared.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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